Education Committee | Chair - David Mecklenburg

David Mecklenburg

Mission - The goal of the Education committee is to determine high quality educational programming that is cohesive and diverse based on communication with the membership at large. The committee will suggest ongoing offerings as well as timely educational topics to assist members in the planning of professional development for their employees. Additionally, the committee will coordinate educational offerings for other PGAMA committees.

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Environmental Committee | Chair - Holly Budd

Holly Budd

Mission - To enable our membership to become better stewards of the environment by collecting and disseminating information on the best sustainable, environmental industry practices available.

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 Membership Committee | Chair - Greg Falkenstein

Mission - The Membership Committee seeks to increase and enhance membership by understanding the needs of current and prospective members, aligning the goals of the association to meet those needs, and promoting the value of membership.

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Workforce Development | Chair - Russ Hewitt

Russ Hewitt

Mission - The goal of the workforce development committee is to help member companies meet their future employment needs by sponsoring and participating in activities that encourage qualified workers to enter the industry.

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