Printing Industry Performance Surveys

Below are the two latest reports from our partners at Middle Tennessee State University. 

Key takeaways from Revenue Growth Report:

• Generally, it appears printing association member firms are growing. This growth appears regardless of firm size or firm type.

• Larger firms have fewer employees per million dollars in revenue.

• For 2021, participating printing association member firms reported an average of 19% revenue growth.

• For 2022, participating printing association member firms project an average of 16.5% revenue growth.

• Our data suggest larger firms are growing a bit faster than smaller firms.

• These numbers should provide strategic thinking points for printing company leaders and their management teams.

The Marketing Sales, Social Media report helps answer questions like:

Are you planning your marketing approach effectively?

Are you managing your sales team effectively?

Are you using social media effectively?


April 2022 Survey Results: Revenue Growth

April 2022 Survey Results: Marketing, Sales, Social Media


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