Monday, December 20, 2021

In this issue …

USPS, APWU, Agree on Contract and Send Ratepayers the Bill –Commentary. Power politics on someone else’s dime.

Senate Committee Chair Has “Concerns” About BPM Transfer.  That sound was a hint being dropped.

Soaring CPI Cap Foreshadows Sharp Price Increase in 2022.  How much more “judicious and prudent” can ratepayers take?

International Organizations and Postal Policy Affect US Mailers.  The US is only one of 192.

OIG Finds Inaccuracies in USPS Delayed Mail Data.  One more reason to doubt the data the USPS reports.

Mailers Question Industry Connect Dashboard Accuracy.  Inaccurate data is undermining industry confidence.

Miscellany.  Saber rattling; Postal traffic jam; UPS raising prices; Confirmation; Fake PMG; Fake stamps; Complaint dismissed; Lawsuit settled; Stamp fight continues; Keep delivering.

All the Official Stuff. Federal Registernotices,Postal Bulletinarticles,DMM AdvisoryandIndustry Alertpostings.

Calendar. Scheduled events and more.

USPS Alerts and Notices Related to COVID-19.

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Mailpiece Design Consultant Workshop

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