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Mission: to enhance member’s profitability.

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You are sure to benefit from membership in the Printing & Graphics Association MidAtlantic (PGAMA), the Printing Industries of America (PIA) affilitate encompassing MD, DC and VA. We offer you group buying savings with leading firms like UPS, CardConnect, Coyne Textiles, Apple Computers, FedEx and dozens of others. Plus we provide FREE credit checking/reporting, technical assistance, human resource consulting, wage and benefit surveys, the latest technology updates, business development, environmental health and safety resources. PGAMA also advocates for our industry locally and nationally, focusing on state and federal regulatory assistance. Everything we do is focused on helping our members meet their business goals. Let PGAMA help you!

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  • Government Regulation Compliance
  • Best Business Practices
  • Classes and Seminars
  • Collection Services & Credit Reports
  • Collective Bargaining, Union Relations
  • Credit Card Processing Discounts
  • Economic Reports and Business Data
  • Electricity Buying Co-op (MAAGIC)
  • Integrated Learning Center
  • Environmental Regulations
  • Excellence in Print Awards Program
  • Annual Golf Outings in Maryland and Virginia
  • Legislative and Environmental Advocacy
  • Group Buying (UPS, FedEx, Xerox)
  • Human Resources Best Practices
  • Member Fest
  • Insurance: Disability, Property/Casualty, Liability, Workers Compensation and More…
  • 401K Plans
  • RACG (FSC Group Certification)
  • Management Consulting
  • Newsletters and Industry Updates
  • Exclusive Network Opportunities with Cocktails & Connections Member Breakfasts, Annual Crab Feast, Holiday Get-together
  • Non-Union Employer Support
  • OSHA/Safety Regulations
  • Print Access Print Buyer’s Marketplace
  • Workforce Development
  • Ratio Studies and Economic Surveys
  • Sales and Use Tax Guidance
  • Wage and Salary Surveys, Industry Statistics
  • IPA (specialized buying program for small printers)
  • Promote Industry with Value of Print Campaign

your PGAMA membership includes

full membership with Printing Industries of America, the world’s largest graphic communications and printing industry trade association.

Who looks out for you in the Nation’s Capital? Printing Industries of America focuses on the national perspective delivering management information, publications, Federal lobbying, business management practices, research, testing, technology, and training. Among other benefits, you have ready access to the Technical Inquiry Hotline to discuss production problems in real time. Access immediate assistance on the Environmental, Health and Safety Hotline which provides members with straight answers to address compliance issues and regulations in areas such as air pollution, permit assistance, pollution prevention, hazardous waste disposal, machine guarding, hazard communication standards.

PIA helps with creation of regional and national Peer Groups for all size companies, a way for you to increase your profits by sharing experiences, practices and data with companies with similar vision for success. Together PGAMA and PIA are strong resources for you and your business, and are always looking for additional ways to bring value consistent with our mission to enhance your profitability.

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What are the trade customs regarding spoilage of customer-owned materials in the mailing/fulfillment area?

As more printers get into the fulfillment service area, this question from one member becomes of increasing interest. Association of Marketing Service Providers has published trade customs regarding mailing and fulfillment and specifically on "shrinkage." An excerpt: "All direct mail handling and processing involves spoilage. Spoilage of up to three (3) percent of customer’s material is typical. Allowances for spoilage should be taken into consideration in ordering material. Every effort will be made to handle customer's material with frugality and to prevent undue spoilage. Nevertheless, the mailer cannot accept responsibility for shortages of material as a result of normal spoilage in processing. All stock and materials belonging to a customer will be held and stored only at the customer's risk, and the customer shall be responsible for insurance on their material."

When must an employer provide personal protective equipment (PPE)?

OSHA requires employers to provide a safe working environment for employees. Hazards that an employer must protect its employees from include any processes, equipment, chemicals, radioactive materials, or mechanical irritants that could cause injury or impairment of any part of the body through absorption, inhalation, or physical contact. If the hazard(s) cannot be eliminated by engineering controls, the employer must provide any necessary personal protective equipment (PPE) to enable the employees to safely complete their duties.

All PPE used in the workplace must be of the type design and material adequate for the task performed and/or hazard encountered. PPE must be in a condition good enough to protect the employee from the hazard. Since the condition of PPE will degrade with use (or due to shelf life), the employer and employee must inspect PPE to make sure that damaged or defective PPE is removed from service. The OSHA PPE regulations are found at 29 CFR 1910.132 – 138.

What is my state's law on business licenses, incorporations and naming regulations?

Go to the Small Business Administration (SBA) website, and you'll find a link to the best site that offers state-specific advice. If you need small business data on your state, review the SBA's fact book, Small Business Profiles by State.

When are air quality permits required of Maryland printing companies?

The air quality permitting process for Maryland sheetfed printers recently got much better! Two years of effort by PGAMA has paid off in big savings of time, money and aggravation. A new and simple General Permit is available to sheetfed printers using less than 1,000 gallons of fountain solution concentrate per year. The general permit covers all the presses in the qualifying companies with just one $500 fee. No waiting for approval is necessary before being able to legally install or use a press.

Do we have to pay Maryland sales tax on computer equipment used only in the production process such as in our prepress department?

No, such equipment is considered manufacturing equipment and exempt from sales tax and personal property tax.

Do we have to pay Maryland sales tax or property tax on leased printing equipment?

No, if the leased equipment is manufacturing equipment and if the cost is capitalized by the leasing company, then it is not subject to sales tax or personal property tax in Maryland.

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Member Benefits

  • Educate through workshops, seminars and employee training.
  • Communicate though regular publications and networking events.
  • Advocate for business and industry on the local, regional and national stage.

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PGAMA offers a variety of seminars and workshops focused on professional development.

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We are dedicated to meeting the ongoing workforce needs of our industry by sponsoring and participating in activities that encourage qualified workers to enter the industry.

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"Developing a network of like-minded colleagues takes valuable time and energy. I’m so grateful that I am entrenched with PGAMA because they provide those important networking opportunities for me on a regular basis. I link up with colleagues, friends and make important connections that really make a positive impact on my business."

~ Rusty Coolidge, Chroma Graphics

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